Troop 45

Camp Bell 2003

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Sunday 27 Jul 03 -- Saturday 2 August 03

Summer camp is one of the best parts of the Scouting program. For the past three years Troop 45 has attended Camp Bell and we're going back again! Everyone who has gone to Camp Bell in prior years has enjoyed it and we'll have a blast again this year!

We live in these really nice tents, complete with floors and cots. Of course we keep our tents neat and tidy! (Those clothes aren't on the floor; they are arranged in the infinite shelf!)

The water front is always a big attraction. Everyone enjoys riding the tube, towed behind a 5000 horsepower (at least it seems like that) motorboat going 90 miles an hour (well maybe a little less). We also take time to satisfy all the Second and First Class swimming and lifesaving requirement.

In the Brownsea area, we do Pioneering projects, making rope, tying knots, lashing spars and building bridges and towers.

In the Mountain Man area, we do all the things you shouldn't try at home! Starting fires without matches (bug repellent burns!), throwing tomahawks, shooting black powder rifles and working on Wilderness Survival Merit Badge.

Challenge Valley includes the indoor climbing wall and the outdoor obstacle course. Climbing Merit Badge is within reach if you can hold on tight!

The best part of Camp Bell is the food! No cooks in the dining hall to tell us what to eat or how to fix it! We choose our own menu before camp and cook it just the way we like it, right in our camp site. Its better than room service at the Ritz!