Camp Bell 2012
Sunday 15 Jul 12 -- Saturday 21 July 12

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This year, Troop 45 will return to Camp Bell at the Griswold Scout Reservation in Gilmonton Iron Works, NH. We will depart from Hanover at about 10:00 AM on Sunday, 15 July will be picked up to come home on the morning of Saturday, 21 July. Our accommodations while at camp will consist of deluxe two-person tents with wooden floors and canvas cots. We do our own cooking from menus we select ourselves. Additional information about Camp Bell is available on the Daniel Webster Council website.

While at camp, Scouts have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of troop and patrol activities that naturally lead to merit badges and rank advancement. Camp Bell is a wonderful opportunity for Scouts of all ages and experience levels.

Here is the basic logistical information concerning our week at camp:

  • Our week at Camp Bell this year runs from Sunday, 15 July through Saturday, 21 July.

  • The cost of camp is $345.00. Full payment (check payable to “Troop 45”) is due by Wednesday, 2 May 2012. (There is a $20 late fee for late payments.) "Camperships" are available in cases where the camp fee causes a financial hardship; contact the Troop Committee Chairman for further information.

  • Each Scout and adult staying in camp must have a physical exam recorded on the official "Annual BSA Health and Medical Record" form. Any Scout who needs to carry an Epi-Pen or asthma inhaler must also submit the "Permission to Possess & Use Epinepherine Auto-Injector and/or Asthma Inhaler for Emergency Care" form. These forms are available in the Library portion of the Troop web site. The physical exam for Scouts and adults under 40 must be signed by a doctor no more than 2 years prior to the end of camp; in other words, exams from last year are OK. Adults over 40 require an annual physical. Camp Bell can NOT accept alternate forms and Scouts will NOT be allowed to stay at camp without a completed exam form. Make your doctor appointments now!

  • Steve Bidstrup, (c)315-436-7717, has graciously volunteered to serve as our Camp Coordinator this year. He will be finalizing the roster, collecting payments, arranging transportation and answering questions.

  • Drivers will be needed on the 15th and the 21st. If you would like to drive one way or both ways, please let Mr. Bidstrup know when you sign up for camp.

  • We will have two Scoutmasters or parents in camp at all times. If you would like to be one of those and spend one or more days and nights with the troop, please let Mr. Bidstrup know that, too. Note that this offer is open to both Dads and Moms!

  • Camp Bell is a unique opportunity for older Scouts to experience sustained leadership responsibility. The central emphasis at Camp Bell is the development of patrol functionality and integrity. Each patrol leader and the troop's senior patrol leader will have authentic responsibility for the operation of the unit throughout the week at camp. Camp is for Scouts of all ages and levels of accomplishment. There are plenty of activities suitable for older Scouts.

Sign up now. We'll have a blast!!

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