Troop 45

Mt Rainier Expedition

Saturday 19Aug00 -- Sunday 27Aug00

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We came. We saw. We conquered.
Success on Mt St Helens, Mt Baker, and at Packwood Lake.

The summer expedition for 2000 took 45 scouts, leaders, and family members to Packwood, WA, where we camped and launched outings to Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier, Mt Baker, and the surrounding wilderness areas. The St Helens patrol successfully climbed Mt St Helens and viewed the awsome results of the last eruption there. The Old Snowy Patrol explored the region around Packwood Lake, and climbed several mountains including Plummer Peak in the Tatoosh Range. The Mt Baker Venture Patrol climbed Pinnacle Peak in the Tatoosh Range, the Muir Snowfield on Mt Rainier, and finally, Mt Baker (10,781) via the classic Coleman-Deming Glacier route.

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