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Colorado 2002

Saturday 10 Aug -- Sunday 18 Aug 02


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Watch this space for updates on the
Colorado Expedition of 2002.

Here are the things you need to know:

Updated 8 August.

  • Final update on campsites: Gregg and Kathie visited the Stillwater campground on 8 August and acquired a few more campsites. As it was originally, we would have been a bit crowded but now we'll have some elbow room. See the rosters page for details. The folks that run the campsite told us that it can get windy at Stillwater so be prepared to anchor the tents securely.
  • Check out the pictures that the Hoges took. They will give you a good "preview of coming attractions." Mountain Bikers, Venture Patrol, and campers will find pictures of interest. You will find that page here.
  • Group flight tickets have been purchased. Although there was some last-minute juggling, all 25 seats will be used! Delta Airlines has been paid. We have electronic tickets. Receipts to use for airline check-in will be distributed as soon as they are received from Delta. Here's the flight information.
  • The schedule is becoming clearer every day as decisions are made and arrangements are finalized. Campsite reservations have been made for the backcountry hiking, camping and fishing expedition and we are ready to make bike rental reservations for the Mountain Biking Excursion. We now have details on the tour of the experimental mine operated by the Colorado School of Mines. Also, we have an invitation for a barbecue lunch in Georgetown, CO. See the schedule page for details.
  • The raft trip isn't looking real promising. It doesn't look like there will be a whole lot of water in the river so there won't be white water. If we go it will just be a scenic float trip and numerous people have said they don't want to do that. Tad and Ned are researching alternative ideas for a Friday activity -- something that will lure the Venture Patrol out of the mountains!
  • Here is a draft rental car transportation plan. Please review this plan carefully. IMPORTANT FACT: Drivers are responsible for making their own rental car reservations.
  • Saturday night before we come home, everyone needs to have a hotel reservation somewhere near the Denver airport. Here is some information on possible places to stay. Each family should make their own reservations. Unaccompanied Scouts will be accommodated and will share the cost of a room.
  • Here is the Campsite Plan. Please review it carefully and consult the rosters page to see your campsite assignment.