Colorado 2002 Expedition Picture Gallery
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On Top of South Arapaho
Venture patrol members on top of South Arapapho Peak. Lake Dorothy, where the venture patrol camped, and Mt. Neva are visible in the background.
Lake Dorothy
The Venture Patrol camped at Lake Dorothy, elevation 12061 feet, on their way to the Arapaho Peaks.
Mr. Scavone on South Arapaho
Mr. Scavone accompanied the venture patrol on their climb of the Arapaho Peaks.
The Arapaho Glacier
The Arapaho Glacier with North Arapaho peak in the background.
The Venture Patrol climbs.
The Venture Patrol climbs towards Caribou Pass enroute to their campsite at Lake Dorothy.
Caribou Lake
Caribou Lake seen from the trail between Caribou Pass and Arapaho Pass. Its almost 1000 vertical feet down to the lake. The Arapaho Peaks can be seen in the top right corner of the picture.
Mr. Scavone's Boots
Mr. Scavone and his boots take a break on the hike at Caribou Pass on the hike to Lake Dorothy.
Afternoon Campsite
The afternoon view from our campsite on Lake Granby. Ominous clouds shroud the mountains where the Venture Patrol plans to go the day after this picture was taken.
Campsite View
Another view of Lake Granby from our campsite. At normal water level, the edge of the water is just beyond the tents!
Evening Thunder Cloud.
A thunder cloud forms over the distant mountains as the sun sets on our campsite.
View From the Continental Divide
The Venture Patrol admires the view along the continental divide enroute to Mount Ida.
Geology Lesson
Dr. Brown points out geological and glaciological features enroute to Mount Ida.
Return from Mt. Ida
The Venture Patrol returning from their day hike to Mount Ida.
Fat Marmot
This well fed marmot came out to watch the venture patrol as they passed through his territory.
The View from Mount Ida
The view to the north along the continental divide from near the summit of Mount Ida.
The view of successive ridge lines from the continental divide north of Mount Ida.
Never Summer Mountains
The Never Summer Mountains in the distance, as seen from the trail returning from Mount Ida.