Event Title: Ski Trip to Jay Peak
Event Date: 05 Jan 02
Owner: Steve Malone
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 08 Jan 02 GH

Events Log

We met in the Old Hospital Parking Lot at 0600 and departed at 0615. Travel time with no stops was almost exactly two hours following I-91 north through St. Johnsbury to Orleans and then west for 25 miles on well maintained state roads. After arriving at about 0815, we purchased lift tickets, rented a few pieces of equipment and began skiing at about 0900. The party broke into several smaller groups for skiing and met in the lodge at several prearranged times for lunch and breaks. Skiing concluded when the lifts closed at 1600 and we departed at about 1630. The group arrived back in Hanover at about 1845, having stopped at a gas station/country store for gas and snacks.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

Jay Peak proved to be an exciting place to ski for the group which consisted mostly of advanced skiers and snowboarders. The gladed ski trails were particularly attractive. The weather was good; the top of the mountain was in clouds and winds all day but visibility improved at lower elevations. In spite of the shortage of snow at other ski areas, Jay Peak had received about three feet of natural snow, making ski conditions pretty good. Costs were reasonable thanks to the discount tickets obtained by the outing owner. Additional information on Jay Peak is available on their web site.


  • Scouts (6)
  • Youth visitor (1)
  • Adults(4)

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