Event Title: Mt Cardigan Winter Climb
Event Date: 18 Jan 04
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 04 Apr 04 YB

Events Log

Sun 18Jan04
0930 -- Met as scheduled at Hoge residence. Divided into cars.
1030 -- Arrived at trailhead and began climb
1200 -- Arrived at "The Boulder" and prepared to climb above treeline. At some snacks.
1230 -- Summit. Descended to "The Riviera." Ate lunch and worked on cold feet.
1300 -- Began rapid descent.
1500 -- Arrived at trailhead.


Although the weather in Hanover was quite pleasant, we encountered moderate wind and some snow squalls above treeline. Although fairly benign by Mt Cardigan standards, the weather was more severe than some of the less experienced participants expected and they were seriously underprepared. We spent considerable effort at the Riviera warming cold feet.

Lessons Learned

  • Mt Cardigan is a challenging environment in winter!


  • Scouts (4)
  • Adults (6)

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