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Mt Moosilauke via the Carriage Road

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Yorke Brown


Yorke Brown

Report Date:

29Mar02 YB

Events Log

Sunday, 24 Mar

0700 - Participants arrived at the OHP and completed a final gear check. We organized into cars (Dan Nelson, Yorke Brown driving), and rolled on time.

0715 - Roll. Rt 10 north to Orford. Rt 25A east to Rt 118. Rt 118 North to Warren. Brief stop at the Warren village store. Don't miss the bear right north of Warrren to stay on Rt 118. North to left turn onto Breezy Point Road.

0830 - Arrived Breezy Point. The USFS parking area was closed so we parked in the public spot about 100 yards short of the USFS lot and didn't have to pay the parking fee.

0845 - Start up Carriage Road. Snow conditions excellent.

0940 - Camp Misery Bridge. Skins on.

1050 - Snapper Cutoff.

1145 - Snowmobile turnaround.

1200 - Glencliff Trail junction (South Peak). Tastybreak. Alpine skis and snowboard dropped below this point.

1230 - Base of cone. Gear up. Drop skis. Wind moderate. Temperature in twenties.

1250 - Summit. Stayed a few minutes, then descended. Trail very icy. Picked up tlel skis at base of cone. Regrouped again at Glencliff Trail and removed some clothing. Picked up alpine skis and snowboard below South Summit. Tele skiers kept skins on.

1350 - Snowmobile turnaround. Lunch. Prepared skis and snowboards for descent.

1415 - Snapper junction. Tastybreak.

1450 - Rest Stop just before Hurricane Trail junction.

1505 - Hurricane Trail. No stop.

1545 - Breezy Point.

1555 - Roll. Brief stop at Warren store. Regrouped at Brentrups. Dropped two, then completed deliveries in Hanover by 1715.


This was a very successful outing. Weather and snow conditions were excellent and the participants experienced some excellent skiing, boarding and snowshoeing. One scout had alpine skis; one had a snowboard, and two were on snowshoes. One adult leader was on snowshoes and three on tele skis. The downhill pace of the snowshoers was less than that of some of the skiers, of course, but the skiers enjoyed the brief waits for the snowshoers to catch up.

Weather was very moderate--typical for the season. In mid-winter, the weather can be very severe and daylight is short.

Lessons Learned

  • This is a workable outing for a mix of skis, snowhoes, and snowboards. The skiing is not easy, however, and skins are definitely required.
  • The trail above treeline is very icy. Crampons are not required, but ski poles or an ice axe are useful.


  • Scouts (4)
  • Adults(4)

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