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Webelos Hike (Velvet Rocks)

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Yorke Brown


Yorke Brown

Report Date:

29Mar00 YJB

Events Log

1200. Met at CoOp gas station. Some participants were a few minutes late due to late release from church.

1215. Troop formation. SM introduced leaders and explained their various roles. Taught hand signals for Assemble, Circle Up.

1220. Counted off to divide into two patrols (plus Coffee Patrol under ASM Hoge). Appointed PLs from experienced scouts. Then patrols conducted elections for APLs from Webelos scouts. (Voting methods briefed by Troop Guide.) The patrols also selected names

1245. SM assembled troop using hand signals. Final readiness check and SPL led troop to trailhead (across playing field).

1255. Assembly and circle. Roll call. Safety briefing:

  • Distress signals
  • Assembly whistle signal
  • Stay together
  • Gather party at all trail junctions and stream crossings
  • Reading trail blazes
  • Buddy up

    Introduced navigator and reviewed route.

    1300. On trail.

    1330. Rest stop and tastybreak at Shelter cutoff. Map reading (Where are we? Where do we go next?)

    1400. Arrived at Velvet Rocks shelter. Mr. Hoge and Mr. Harper made hot chocolate for all. Most people were well prepared with lunch.

    1430. Sent patrols into woods to find evidence of ten kinds of plant life. Reported back to SPL.

    1500. On trail. We did not have time for the getting lost exercise, or a silent crossing of the beaver pond looking for wildlife (although Max pointed out deer). Although we had the usual navigational confusion at Velvet Rocks Summit, we resolved the issue quickly rather than turning it into an exercise. We did have one accident in which Robert Hoge got poked with a stick.

    1600. At class six road crossing after the beaver pond we briefed the Trecott Road crossing procedure.

  • Do not leave the woods on arriving at Trescott Rd
  • As a troop, walk on left until opposite the parking lot entrance
  • Place scouts to look for traffic
  • When both agree all clear, SPL signals all to cross together

    1620. Arrive Trescott Rd parking lot. Final circle. Instructed all to check out before leaving.


    A very successful outing. The greenbars performed very well, giving us both good order and good instruction. The weather was cloudy and cool, but no rain. Trail conditions were icy but not too much mud. No significant problems.

    Lessons Learned

  • Allow 4.5 hours. We finished 20 minutes late. Some time could be saved with a quicker start, but we were rushed most of the way.
  • It would be good to have the troop meeting visit first, and use that as an opportunity to divide into patrols and learn the safety rules. Then only a review would be needed in the field.
  • A preparatory Greenbar meeting would be very beneficial.
  • Using the Troop Guide for technical instruction and the SPL/ASPL team for operational leadership worked very well.
  • There was considerable ice on the trail. This condition is to be expected at this time of year. Mud wasn't too bad, but there is mud.


  • Webelos Scouts (9)
  • 45 Scouts (7)
  • Adults(8)

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