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Greenup Day

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Gregg Hoge


Gregg Hoge

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1000 - Participants arrived at the parking area at the junction of Grasse and Trescott Roads. There were already some other folks working along the sides of Trescott Road just east of Grasse Road so we moved back to the east a mile or so.

1015 - We split into two groups. One group started at the farm where Trescott Road comes out of the woods and worked to the east. The second group started at the entrance to the watershed area just west of the AT crossing. Both groups worked towards each other on the left side of the road. When they met, both groups crossed the road and reversed directions. In this manner we were always on the left side of the road and both groups ended up back at the cars where they had started.

1100 - Completed our area and moved back to the Etna Green where we helped with a little bit of the set up for the picnic and played frisbee until lunch.

1200 - Picnic at the Etna Green.

1300 - Last scout picked up.


This was a very successful operation. We had time to do more road than what we actually did, however other parts of Trescott Road had already been done by other people.

Lessons Learned

Even though we were proactive about telling the Green Up Day organizers that we would do Trescott Road from Grasse Road to the AT; parts of it were done by other people who lived near by. Next year we might want to consider taking a less popular stretch of road.

The scheme of dividing the route up and completing it in stages works very well. We actually covered more territory with fewer people than ever before.


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