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Greenup Day

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Yorke Brown


Yorke Brown

Report Date:

06May01 YB

Events Log

1000 - Participants arrived at the parking area at the junction of Grasse and Trescott Roads. Because of the possible confusion about meeting place, Harold Frost volunteered to sweep the other possible meeting places. We divided into two patrols, A and B.

1015 - Dispactched the A patrol about a mile east on Trescott (to the moose sighting place) intending to work the road westward towards Grasse Road. Meanwhile, th B patrol worked eastward. In this way, everyone stayed on the left side of the road.

1045 - The two patrols met in the middle, crossed the road, and worked back towared their cars. In this way everyone ended up at their cars and always worked the left side of the road.

1100 - Completed the first stretch of road. A patrol continued eastward from their cars; B transported to the AT parking lot and began working west.

1120 - Met at the middle and reversed as before.

1145 - Completed, and A patrol transported to the AT parking lot. We did some last minute cleanup around that area, and by 1155 departed for the Etna Green.

1200 - Picnic at the Etna Green.

1300 - Last scout picked up.


This was a very successful operation. Planning uncertainty, however, made preparations more difficult than necessary, and probably affected the level of participation.

Lessons Learned

We should be proactive about getting our assignment from the town, so that planning can be completed early and completley.

The scheme of dividing the route up and completing it in stages works very well. We actually covered more territory with fewer people than ever before.


  • Scouts (7)
  • Adults(6)

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