Event Title: Tenderfoot Skills Camp
Event Date: 18-19 May 2002
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 19 May 2002 GH

Events Log

18 May 02
1000-1020 Assembled participants at Storrs Pond entrance and moved to shelter at Area 1.
1020-1100 Conducted detailed review of food, clothing and equipment that participants had brought. Supplemented equipment where necessary.
1100-1130 Hiked to Troop campsite.
1130-1500 Put up tents, prepared and ate lunch, gathered firewood and conducted knife safety class for new Scouts. Also, some participants had the opportunity to do some canoeing on the pond.
1500-1630 Hiked to Area 5 where the group worked with Nik on his Eagle service project assembling eight bat houses for later painting and installation.
1630-2000 After returning to the campsite we had a flag ceremony (delayed by earlier rain) and the group prepared dinner, cleaned up dishes, did some more canoeing and prepared tents for the night.
2000-2130 Informal campfire with all participants. Traded stories including experienced Scouts stories from memorable outings. Enjoyed baked potatos and steak cooked on a flat rock.
2130-2200 Got ready for bed.
2200 Everyone in bed.

19 May 02
0600 Early risers up and starting the fire.
0600-0845 Prepared and ate breakfast, took down tents, packed gear and took down the flag.
0845-0945 Some participants walked and others shuttled by canoe to Area 1.
0945-1015 Loaded canoes and equipment, checked out when parents arrived and departed.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

The conduct of this outing was influenced greatly by the weather. The night before the outing, the Upper Valley experienced a moderate spring snow storm and light rain continued until late afternoon.

The review of food, clothing and equipment at the beginning of the outing was beneficial. We were able to impress upon the new Scouts the importance of being prepared for the weather conditions and taking a disciplined approach to the tasks necessary to camp in bad weather.

The new Scouts were well prepared, although some were carrying more weight than necessary.

In spite of the rain and cool temperatures (near 40 on Saturday night) all participants were able to stay comfortable and safe throughout the outing.

The availability of two canoes added to the allure of the outing. Buddy pairs with a buddy boat were able to paddle around the pond for fun and also to refill water bottles at Area 1. Only one participant got wet when disembarking from a canoe and he was quickly outfitted with dry clothes from his own and others resources.


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  • Adults(2)

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