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Tenderfoot Skills Camp

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Yorke Brown


Yorke Brown

Report Date:

24May01 YB

Events Log

Saturday, 19 May

1000 - Participants arrived at the parking area at Area 1 of Storrs Pond. The SPL inspected packs and organized the troop for for the hike in. SM briefed on hiking safety and procedures and selected a navigator.

1020 - Departed for the hike to the campsite. Conducted navigation checks enroute.

1045 - Arrived at the campsite. Set up camp.

1115 - Flag raising.

1125 - SM conducted a session on observing native plants. The group counted ten separate species visible from the campsite, without moving. We then divided into buddy pairs and each pair found ten species inside a 10-meter square area. Then each group found ten species inside a 20-cm square area. Finally, each group found ten species inside a 5-cm square area.

1145 - Lunch.

1230 - The JASM held a meeting to determine the order of events for the afternoon. The troop agreed to play Capture the Flag first and construct a Tyrolean Traverse second.

1300 - The troop played Capture the Flag in the area of the campsite.

1430 - After the game, the troop packed up climbing equipment and hiked to the ravine just before Area 1.

1445 - Arrived at the ravine, set up a Tyrolean Traverse, and ran all scouts across and back.

1545 - Returned to Camp. Enroute we stopped and sawed up a tree which had fallen across the trail.

1630 - Arrived in camp and began preparing dinner. After dinner, scouts began collecting firewood for the campfire, and the acting SPL prepared a program for the campfire. The SM conducted a knife skills training session for those interested (which turned out to be most new scouts).

1900 - Campfire. The SM issued a single match for lighting, and the fire lit on the first try! (Lots of dry pine cones, and birch bark...) the campfire program included the usual collection of jokes stories and skits, but also the baking of a dutch oven cobbler (peach), and the election of PL and APL for the New Scout Patrol.

2100 - Closing, bed prep.

2130 - Bed checks

Sunday, 20 May

0700 - New scouts began rising and preparing breakfast as early as 0530 (as usual), but all scouts were up and eating by 0700. Mr. Hoge demonstrated the preparation of pancakes. As breakfast concluded, scouts began packing for the hike out. We aimed for flags at 0835, but had some difficulty making that goal.

0845 - Flags, final police and pickup.

0900 - Departed Camp

0920 - Arrived Area 1


This was a very successful operation. We completed all goals, including Tenderfoot requirements 1-3 (camping and cooking) and First Class requirement 6 (plants). Scouts learned about stoves safety and usage, experienced hiking and camping procedures peculiar to Troop 45, and built patrol spirit. We even completed a small service project. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Lessons Learned

  • The quiet Native Wild Plants exercise should have been done between two vigorous activities and not right before lunch. Although successful, the scouts were a little distracted by hunger. They'd also just come from flags, where they were asked to be still and attentive.
  • The Capture the Flag game works well in this setting, but don't expect it to go on for more than an hour.
  • The Tyrolean Traverse works well, and the ravine near Area 1 is a good location. We used a 120 foot rope for the belay, and that was not long enough to allow scouts to go all the way across. Because of preparation deficiencies, we did not have both troop ropes (which are long enough). With enough personnel and equipment, it would be better to set up two traverses so there's less waiting.
  • We need a tighter approach to the campfire. We must establish and enforce the expectation that everyone participates, we show respect for the person or group who has the floor, we follow the program, and we end at a reasonable time for getting ready for bed. We should consider limiting the cooking aspect to a specific time rather than having it go on while other program elements are proceeding. The cobbler can cook, but the stick-bread operation is distracting.
  • We did have some trouble getting out on time in the morning. We should have announced a firm morning schedule (centered on flags at 0830) and made the announcement early. The planned arrival time of 0915 was realistic, and despite our difficulties we arrived only about 5 minutes late.
  • The New Scouts were generally well prepared. The preparation time at the troop meeting was well spent.
  • The New Scouts always seem to want knife training at this campout. We should plan a session from the outset.


  • Experienced Scouts (8)
  • New Scouts (6)
  • Adults(4)

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