Event Title: Battleship Cove Visit
Event Date: 25-26 May 2002
Owner: Byron Young
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 27 May 02 GH

Events Log

25 May 02
0800-0830 Assembled in Old Hospital Parking Lot
0830-0845 Loaded bus
0845-1230 Travel to Fall River, MA including a stop for lunch.

Activities at Battleship Cove
1230-1300 Check-in and move into quarters on the battleship
1300-1500 Explore the ships in small groups
1500-1615 Visit Maritime Museum for presentation on Titanic
1615-1700 Return to battleship for fire drill and group meeting
1700-1800 Group presentation and stories by a WW II crewmember of the Battleship Massachusetts
1800-1900 Dinner
1900-2300 More exploration time and movies
2300 Lights out

26 May 02
0630 Reveille
0730-1000 Breakfast, pack and load bus, additional time to explore the battleship
1000-1045 Memorial Day Ceremony
1045-1145 Last chance to see things on the battleship
1145-1215 Check out and board the bus
1215-1515 Return trip to Hanover
1515-1530 Pick up by parents

Analysis and Lessons Learned

This was a very successful trip and was enjoyable because there were a lot of fun things to see and do and "living was pretty easy" as one participant put it (meaning no tents, cooking, hiking, etc).

The difficult part about touring the ships is that there is no tour guide or publication that tells you what all to see and where it is. Instead, visitors need to just wander around and find things. For this reason, it worked well to have several periods of tour time. Between periods, we could compare experiences and found that participants would take each other back to see interesting things that they had discovered.

Bus transportation worked very well because the bus driver and his Cub Scout age son joined the group and stayed on the battleship with us. The "prospective Scout" was proud to wear a Troop T-shirt and neckerchief for the weekend. Enroute entertainment consisted of the movies "Independence Day" and "Pearl Harbor".

There were four last-minute cancellations after we had given the Battleship Cove office our final count. Two of those who cancelled had not paid so we lost some money on the trip. On future trips of this nature we should get full payment in advance to hold a reservation.


  • Scouts (13)
  • Overnight Adults(7)
  • Saturday Only Adults (2)
  • Guests (2)

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