Event Title: Pemigewasset Wilderness Hike
Event Date: 13-15 Jun 05
Owner: Joe Danna
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Joe Danna
Report Date: 23 Jun 05 D Danna

Events Log

On June 13, 14 and 15 five boys and two adults went on a backpack in the pemi wilderness. We did a three-day trip, the first day we did 9 and a half miles. We made camp not too much happened that day. Then the next day we went up 2 and a half miles to a water fall where we spent a good long time getting wet. We were forced to leave the water when it started to rain. (Another 2.5 miles back) We had to go back and get the tents, which we had left up so that we would only have to carry daypacks. It down poured and we were forced to decided if we were to pack up and make a new camp in the rain, or stay the night in the same camp and forfeit the merit badge part of the hike. The rain had slackened off, so we packed up and walked another 2 and half miles to the next campsite that Mr. Danna had found the day before so we didnít have to look for one in the rain. Right after we had set up it down poured again and we were forced to spend 5 hours in our tents. Other than that the hike for the most part was enjoyed and we spent a good few games of d&d as we walked the 7 miles out to the parking lot. We did that last 7 miles in 2 and a half hours. Then as usual we went to McDonalds for lunch. For food we ate mostly pasta for dinners oatmeal for breakfast and crackers bagels and peanut butter for lunch.


Lessons Learned


  • Scouts (5)
  • Adults (2)

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