Event Title: Smarts Mountain Hike
Event Date: 15 June 2002
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 15 Jun 02 GH

Events Log

The schedule was followed pretty much as laid out in the plan although we did move a little more slowly than anticipated which made our return about 30 minutes late. The weather was somewhat challenging in that we experienced high winds and light rain most of the day. The cloud ceiling was below the summit of Smarts Mountain all day and as we got towards afternoon, the ceiling got even lower and the wind got stronger. As the party approached the last steep ascent before the top, one of the Scouts slipped and fell on a wet log and sustained a scratched and bruised leg. We were close enough to the top that we were able to form a summit party with one adult and five Scouts (three new Scouts and two experienced Scouts). While the summit party went to the cloudy summit and returned, the remaining adult and two new Scouts did a little first aid, built an expedient shelter, and cooked up some ramen noodles. The warm food proved to be just the cure for the injuries and when the summit party returned, the group reunited and hiked back down to the trailhead.

We did practice some map and compass work however reduced visibility due to the weather made the practice less comprehensive. In good weather, there are several good lookout points along the Lambert Ridge Trail from which map reading can be practiced. Also, the view is good from the fire tower at the summit.

The route of travel used was the Lambert Ridge Trail in both directions. Round trip hiking time was about 7.5 hours.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

Be prepared for any kind of weather.

There really is a good reason to carry a light weight nylon tarp, nylon cord, and extra food. It can come in handy.


  • Scouts (7)
  • Adults(2)

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