Event Title: Mountain Biking and Climbing Overnight
Event Date: 19-20 October 2002
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 27 October 2002 GH

Events Log

The participants met at the Appalachian Trail crossing on 3 Mile Road at 0900 on Saturday morning. The weather was overcast with intermittent showers but the temperature was fairly mild.

Because biking is prohibited on the AT, and several members of that group were not going to be able to stay over night, the biking group decided to begin riding immediately. They road trails and roads in the vicinity of South Peak and the Moose Mountain Lodge Road both in the morning and again after lunch. At lunch time, the group returned to the camp site and those who were staying overnight set up their tents. The group returned to the camp site in late afternoon when heavier rain began.

The climbing group hiked east on the AT to the campsite where they set up tents and a tarp, gathered firewood and put up the flag. At about 1000, the climbing group departed the campsite and returned to the road for the drive to the Winslow Cliffs. The climbing group arrived at the cliffs at about 1045. Several ropes were set up on the cliffs and participants were able to climb and rappell safely and successfully until about 1500 when it began to rain in earnest. At that time, ropes and anchors were retrieved and the group returned to the campsite.

The group prepared dinner, had a camp fire and went to bed about 2200. Sunday morning the group got up, made breakfast and broke camp. They hiked out and met their transportation at about 0900.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

During the planning of this outing, there was doubt as to whether the cliffs at Winslow were open to the public. We were able to determine that the access to the area is owned by Mr. Switzer (795-2295). Mr. Hoge contacted Mr. Switzer and requested and received permission for the Troop to use the area. According to Mr. Switzer, there have been several instances in which large groups of people from outside the area have arrived in busses to go climbing on the cliffs. This resulted in parking problems, overuse of the area, noise, and trash. For this reason the area has been posted with "NO TRESPASSING" signs. Mr. Switzer stated that he is trying to preserve the area for use by small numbers of local people who can behave themselves and treat the area properly. He said that the Troop was welcome to use the area any time and that it was not necessary to call ahead for permission each time. He did ask that we obey the following rules when we use the area:
Mountain biking in the vicinity of South Peak was good. There are numerous trails in the area and it is not necessary to ride on the AT to have fun.


  • Scouts (9)
  • Adults(5)