Greenup Day -- 5 May 12

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1.0 Overview

On the first Saturday of May each year, the town of Hanover sponsors a community-wide cleanup effort called Greenup Day. The town provides trash bags and citizens sign up to pick up trash along roads throughout the town. At noon, all the participants gather on the Etna Green for a picnic. Participants eat for free.

This event is, of course, a great way for the troop to do a good turn for the town. The time spent counts as service hours for all ranks that require service.

2.0 Concept

2.1 Description

Troop 45 has been assigned East Wheelock Street from the Dartmouth Green to Grasse Road. We will meet at 9:30 AM in the parking lot at the intersection of Grasse Road and East Wheelock. From there we'll work both sides of the road into town. We should end at 11:30. Parents should pick up their Scouts at the Dartmouth Green.

There is a picnic afterwards at the Etna Green (near Trumbull Hall) at 12:00. The food is provided by the town. Although we certainly encourage families to attend this event, the troop will not be providing supervision for Scouts.

2.2 Schedule of Events

Saturday 5 May
0930 -- Assemble at the Grasse Road parking lot. Brief, distribute bags, and divide into two patrols.
0945 -- Begin "greening."
1130 -- Finish up at the Dartmouth Green.
From here, families are encouraged to continue to the Etna green for the town picnic.

2.3 Expected Conditions and Difficulty

Check the weather and dress appropriately.

2.4 Special Requirements

Open to all scouts, scouters, and parents. There are no skill prerequisites for this outing.

3.0 Administration and Logistics

3.1 Announcement Date: 11 April

3.2 Roster Closing Date: 5 May

3.3 Costs


3.4 Equipment

3.4.1 Individual Equipment

  • Scout uniform. Look sharp!
  • Light pack with water, sunscreen, etc.
  • Gloves.

    3.4.2 Patrol Equipment


    3.4.3 Troop Equipment

  • Trash bags
  • First Aid Kit

    3.5 Transportation Plan

    Drop-off Point: Grasse Road parking area.
    Drop-off Time: 0930 Sat 5 May
    Pickup Point: Dartmouth Green, Wheelock St.
    Pickup Time: 1130 Same Day

    4.0 Leadership

    4.1 Planning Committee

    4.2 Adult Leaders

  • SMIC: Mr. Brown
  • Mr. Passow

    Approved YJB 28Apr12

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