NH Jamboree -- 6-7 Oct 07

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1.0 Overview

The New Hampshire / Daniel Webster Council 2007 Jamboree will be at Gunstock Ski Area. This event only takes place every four years. It is a great oppurtunity for scouts from Hanover to see scouts from across the state. We are also expecting scouts from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine and Quebec!

2.0 Concept

2.1 Description

We will meet at the Community Center early Saturday morning and drive to the Gunstock Ski Area. After registration and attending the opening ceremony we will set up our campsite and proceed to the many activities available at the Jamboree. Events and activities include a climbing wall, rope bridge, kayak, canoe, fishing, BBs, BMX bikes, Native American Games, knots, orienteering, COPE courses, and much more. Lunch on Saturday will be by indivdual scout, so bring a bag lunch you can eat without returning to the campsite. Saturday dinner will be by patrol cooking, as will Sunday breakfast.

There is a show and fireworks on Saturday evening.

2.2 Schedule of Events

Saturday, Oct 6
Eat breakfast before you arrive at the Community Center!
6:45 -- Meet Hanover Community Center
7:00 -- Leave Hanover
8:40 -- Arrive at Gunstock - check-in
9:00 -- Opening ceremony
9:30 - 4:00 --Programs / activities
5:00 -- 6:00 Supper. Cooking by patrol.
7:00 -- Show and Fireworks
10:30 -- Taps
Sunday, Oct 7
7:00 -- Reveille
7:30 -- Flag and Breakfast. Cooking by patrol.
9:00 -- Closing
10:00 -- Pack out
12:00 -- Hanover

2.3 Expected Conditions and Difficulty

This is an easy camp out with emphasis on fun.

2.4 Special Requirements

Open to all scouts, scouters, and parents. There are no skill prerequisites for this outing.

3.0 Administration and Logistics

3.1 Announcement Date: 19Sep07

3.2 Roster Closing Date: 3Oct07

3.3 Costs

3.3.1 Registration

Registration is required for this event. If you are going there is a form which should be turned in on Wednesday at the troop meeting. It is a permission slip with medical information. It can be down loaded from:
Unlike camp, this form does NOT need a doctor's signature.
There is also a $20 fee to the council which we will collect. Please make checks out to "Troop 45."

3.3.2 Food

$8 in cash for Supper and Breakfast. Each scout should bring their lunch for Saturday.

3.3.3 Extra/Optional

There is a trading post there. Also it will cost $5 to ride the chair lift to the top.

3.4 Equipment

3.4.1 Individual Equipment

  • Class A Uniform. Look sharp!
  • Stove. (We'll be camping)
  • Lunch for Saturday.
  • Snack.

    3.4.2 Patrol Equipment

  • Patrol Flag.
  • Food for Saturday dinner (patrol cooking).
  • Food for Sunday breakfast (patrol cooking).

    3.4.3 Troop Equipment

  • First Aid Kit.
  • Troop Flags.

    3.5 Transportation Plan

    Drop-off Point: Community Center
    Drop-off Time: 6:45am Saturday 6Oct07
    Pickup Point:
    Pickup Time: Scouts will be delivered home by noon Sunday 7Oct07

    Drivers are needed! If you can drive, please contact Mr.Smith.

    4.0 Leadership

    4.1 Planning Committee

    4.2 Adult Leaders

  • SMIC: Mr. Smith
  • Other adult leaders needed.

    Approved TPS 3Oct07

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