Orange Cove Campout -- 22-23 Nov 08

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1.0 Overview

Mount Cardigan, located about 4 miles east of Canaan, NH, rises to an elevation of 3155 feet. Although it is not too tall in comparison with other peaks in the White Mountains to the north, Mt. Cardigan is situated in such a way that it frequently experiences extremely high winds and considerable snow and ice accumulation on its exposed, bare rock summit. Mt Cardigan offers us the opportunity to practice for winter alpine conditions without the commitment of a major peak.

Although camping is prohibited on most areas of Mt Cardigan, camping is permitted in the Mt Cardigan State Forest lands in Orange Cove north of Firescrew. Orange Cove is the drainage of Number Seven Brook, which flows from the saddle between Firescrew and Mowglis Mountain. There is a pond in Orange cove which offers a very nice campsite easily accessed from the end of New Colony Rd.

This outing will offer scouts of all experience levels to get an early taste of winter camping. We will divide the troop into two parties. Those with experience in winter camping and climbing will climb Mt Cardigan and complete the traverse over Firescrew, following the Mowglis trail to Orange Cove. Those with less experience will approach the campsite by hiking in from the end of New Colony Rd.

This outing will serve as a "winter shakedown" and also provide advancement opportunities for the second and first class hiking and camping requirements and for hiking and camping merit badges. In addition, members of the Venture Patrol will have opportunities to work on alpine travel skills.

2.0 Concept

2.1 Description

The troop will divide into two provisional patrols. The Cardigan Patrol will start at the Mt Cardigan State Park, climb Mt Cardigan via the South Ridge, then proceed over Firescrew via the Mowglis Trail as far as the complex intersection at the head of Orange Cove near Cilley's Cave.

Meanwhile, the Orange Cove Patrol will start at the parking lot at the end of New Colony Road in Orange. They will hike about a mile to the pond and find the campsite on the south side of the pond. Here they will leave camping gear and proceed with hiking gear up the cove to rendezvous with the Cardigan Patrol at the head of the cove.

Both patrols will then descend together to the campsite, where we'll spend the night.

In the morning, both patrols will hike out to New Colony Road for pickup.

These excursions offer many opportunities for training in hiking skills, climbing skills, and navigation. Scouts needing a five mile hike for second class could arrange to meet this requirement by hiking towards Mowglis Mountain or exploring the Davis Brook watershed.

2.2 Schedule of Events

Saturday 22 Nov
0830 -- Meet at Community Center
0845 -- Depart
0930 -- Arrive at trailheads

Cardigan Patrol:
Climb via the South Ridge Trail. Training activities enroute. 1200 -- Summit of Cardigan. Lunch.
1330 -- summit of Firescrew
1500 -- Rendezvous at trail junction near Cilley's Cave.

Cove Patrol:
1015 -- Arrive at campsite. Repack into dayhike gear.
1045 -- Hike to Cilley's Cave area. Navigation activities enroute.
1200 -- Lunch.
1300 -- Training activities and exploration below treeline.
1600 -- Arrive at camp.
1617 -- Sunset
1730 -- Dinner
1800 -- Evening activities depending on weather. (Campfire possible if we get a permit)
2100 -- Bed

Sunday 23 Nov
0643 -- Sunrise
0700 -- Breakfast
0830 -- Break camp. Police and pickup.
1000 -- Arrive at trailhead (New Colony Rd)
1100 -- Arrive Hanover (Community Center)

2.3 Expected Conditions and Difficulty

The campsite is in a forested location with easy access to water. The approach from New Colony Road is over logging roads.

Late November can easily bring winter conditions. Be prepared for the cold-wet-windy environment.

Mt Cardigan is not very high, but its location and exposed summit combine to create genuine alpine conditions in winter. A traverse over Cardigan and Firescrew, even this early in winter, must not be taken lightly. Depending on the weather it is possible that we could see high winds, snow, ice, and dangerously low wind-chill values. The Cardigan Patrol must be prepared for winter alpine conditions.

2.4 Special Requirements

Open to all Boy Scouts, Scouters, and parents. There are no skill prerequisites for the Orange Cove patrol.

Members of the Cardigan patrol must be First Class or above and have participated on at least one previous winter campout.

3.0 Administration and Logistics

3.1 Announcement Date: 15 Oct 08

3.2 Roster Closing Date: 19 Nov 08

3.3 Costs


3.4 Equipment

3.4.1 Individual Equipment

  • Class A uniform for travel.
  • Winter camping gear as described in the Personal Equipment List. Pay particular attention to the clothing, winter supplement, and survival equipment sections.
  • Your share of equipment and supplies planned by your tent group.
  • Plan for Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast. Cook by tent groups using camp stoves.

    3.4.2 Patrol Equipment

    Each patrol needs
  • Map. Mt Cardigan quad. The campsite is at 43.670262,-71.921439
  • First Aid Kit.

    The Cardigan Patrol needs

  • Climbing Rope
  • Small rack
  • Climbing helmets
  • Seat harnesses

    3.4.3 Troop Equipment

    See breakdown by patrol.

    3.5 Transportation Plan

    Drop-off Point: Community Center
    Drop-off Time: 0830 Sat 22 Nov 08
    Pick-up Point: Community Center
    Pick-up Time: 1100 Sun 26 Oct 08

    Outbound. All cars leave from community center Saturday morning (approx 0845) to the parking lot past the end of New Colony Road. After unloading the Orange Cove Patrol, two drivers (Robinson and Fenner?) will transport the Cardigan Patrol to the State Park entrance, drop them off and return home. Participating leaders (Brown, Dwyer, Roberts) will leave cars at New Colony Road, available for emergencies.

    Inbound. Sunday morning (1000) all drivers will rendezous at New Colony Road to pick up the entire troop and transport to the community center.

    Driving Directions:
    Rt 4 East to Canaan.
    Left on Rt 118 (Dorchester Rd) East 3/4 mi
    Right on Orange Rd through Orange (becomes Cardigan Mt Rd, aka Burnt Hill Rd, aka Dorchester Turnpike)

    Left on New Colony Rd. Proceed past end of road through gate to parking lot on right. Do not park in the residential neighborhood at the end of the road. Keep going onto the logging road.

    Cardigan Patrol returns via New Colony Road to
    Left on Cardigan Mt Road.

    4.0 Leadership

    4.1 Planning Committee

  • Galen
  • Adult owner: Mr. Brown

    4.2 Adult Leaders

    Orange Cove Patrol:
  • SMIC: Mr. Smith
  • Mr. Dwyer

    Cardigan Patrol:

  • Mr. Brown
  • Mr. Roberts

    Approval Pending

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