Double-Head Ski Cabin Two-Night Overnight - January 19-21, 2013

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1.0 Overview

Scouts will stay two nights in the Doublehead ski cabin, located at 3,500 feet near Jackson, NH over MLK weekend, January 19-21, 2013. This outing will offer scouts with some level of winter backpacking experience a two-night winter outing. Advancement opportunities include first and second class hiking and troop activity requirements, hiking merit badge requirements. This outing is suitable for the second class 5-mile hike requirement provided the Scouts do the necessary preparatory work in advance.

2.0 Concept

2.1 Description

Doublehead Cabin and Doublehead Ski Trail were built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps as part of a larger project to develop ski runs for the nearby resort town of Jackson. The cabin was used as a warming hut and shelter for skiers traveling on the trail. Some of the other ski trails nearby were developed and commercialized, but Doublehead Ski Trail and the cabin retain their rustic, backcountry ambiance.

Doublehead Cabin is accessible only by hiking, snowshoeing or skiing the 1.8-mile Doublehead Ski Trail. Guests should be prepared to transport all their gear and supplies on foot over an elevation of 1,500 feet.

We will meet at the Community Center and travel by car to the trailhead in Jackson, NH. From there we will hike using snowshoes up the steep trail (1.8 miles, 1500 feet) to the cabin. Lunch will be eaten during the hike. After arrival and setup at the cabin, winter activities will commence per the schedule below. We will be at the cabin for two nights, returning to the trail head and travelling back to Hanover on Monday, January 21st.

Scouts should be in buddy pairs for cooking, cleaning, and food/meal planning.

Note: Buddy pairs need to submit meal plans to the scoutmaster during the scout meeting on January 16th

Note: Please pay careful attention to the equipment list. All scouts will need full skin covering as frostbite can be a concern. This include protection for the face (balaclava or facemask, and ski googles or other protective eywear. Sunscreen is also advised.

Any scout who needs to borrow equipment (snowshoes, warm sleeping bags, or other required clothing and equipment) should contact the scoutmaster.

2.2 Schedule of Events

Saturday, January 19
0800: Meet at RBC, equipment inspection
0830: Leave RBC for Jefferson, NH trail head.
1130: Arrive at Doublehead Ski Trail
1145: Gear up and depart for Cabin
1330: Eat Lunch
1600: Arrive at Cabin and get fire started
1630:Pack snow into mounds for sleeping
1730: Inside for dinner
1800: Clean up
1830: Night hike to South Doublehead or star gazing under new moon
2030: Arrive back at Cabin
2130: Planning for AM
2200: taps

Sunday, January 20th:
0800: Rise and start breakfast
0900: Get Skis and Snowshoes ready, pack lunch,
0930: Intro to basic response to wilderness emergency
1000: Start on orienteering course
1200: Lunch back at cabin
1300: Dig snow huts
1430: *Respond to emergency
1530: Outdoor games--man hunt/camouflage
1700: Dinner prep
1800: Dinner and stories
1900: group games
2030: Ready for bed
2100: Outside for stargazing-- weather permitting
2200: Lights out

Monday January 21st
0800: Breakfast and pack
0900: Hike down mountain
1130: Arrive at cars
1200: Leave for home
1300: Stop for lunch
1400: Drop Scouts off at their homes

2.3 Expected Conditions and Difficulty

The ascent will be a steep hike with heavy packs. Scouts and adults should be be prepared for slow, strennuous (but enjoyable ascent to the cabin). This is not a technical climb, however, snow shoes, gaiters and light traction are required). Winter temperatures and conditions such as temperatures dropping into negative digits; high winds; snow/sleet/freezing rain. Ice on trail.

2.4 Special Requirements

Open to all Boy Scouts, Scouters, and parents. There are no skill prerequisites for this outing, although proper equipment and conditioning is required. Scouts should discuss participation with the scoutmaster.

3.0 Administration and Logistics

Adult leaders will drive Scouts to and from trip.

3.1 Announcement Date: December 12

3.2 Roster Closing Date: 16 January 13

3.3 Costs

TBD based on number of attendees and the cost of the cabin (expected to be around $10/person)

3.4 Equipment

3.4.1 Individual Equipment

  • As with all Troop 45 activities, you are expected to be in uniform. If you have the Troop 45 winter tee shirt, that is a good choice for your base layer. If you do not have one, choose a non-cotton base layer and wear your brown uniform shirt over it. A neckerchief is not required. The Personal equipment list recommends wool trousers, but an excellent alternative is nylon uniform trousers over heavy long-john bottoms.
  • Winter hiking gear as described in the Personal Equipment List. Pay particular attention to the clothing, winter supplement, and survival equipment sections. You must have
        -- Full body wind protection including face and eye protection
        -- Spare gloves or mittens.
        -- Spare hat.
        -- Hand warmers and foot warmers.
        -- If you are hiking in summer boots, also bring insulated footwear for standing around camp/cabin.
        -- A Small garbage bag to wrap your boots in and put in your sleeping bag to keep them from freezing.
  • YakTrax, Stabilicers, Microspikes or similar traction devices if desired. (No qualification necessary.)
  • Snowshoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Note: Tents are not required for this trip,

  • Food for four meals planned with your buddies.
        -- Saturday Lunch/Snack - Cold
        -- Saturday Dinner - Hot
        -- Sunday Breakfast - Hot
        -- Sunday Lunch/Snack - Co
        -- Sunday Dinner - Hot
        -- Monday Breakfast - Hot

  • Stove and sufficient fuel as planned with you buddies. Extra fuel will be need for melting snow for water.
  • At least 2 liters of water per person should be packed up to the cabin
  • Buddy pairs need to submit meal plans to the scoutmaster during the scout meeting on January 16th

    3.4.2 Patrol Equipment

  • Map

    3.4.3 Troop Equipment

  • First Aid Kit
  • Snow shovel
  • Map

    3.5 Transportation Plan

    Meet at RBC at 0800 on Saturday January 19.
    Arrive back at RBC around 2:00pm on Monday, January 21th.

    4.0 Leadership

    4.1 Planning Committee

  • Matthias
  • Adult owner: Ms. Eilertson

    4.2 Adult Leaders

  • SMIC: Ms. Eilerton
  • Mr. Mendelsohn
  • Mr. Hoehn

    Approved: DLM 13 January 2013

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