Balch Hill Cooking Contest 24 Mar 2013

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1.0 Overview

Troop 45 Scouts will hold a backcountry cooking contest on scenic Balch Hill. The purpose of this exercise is for the scouts to plan and prepare a nutritious and tasty meal that is suitable for a backcountry meal.

2.0 Concept

2.1 Description

This outing will involve a short hike up Balch Hill from the Ray School parking lot. Once we summit, pairs of scouts will begin to prepare their backcountry meals. The judges will be the adult leaders. The scout pairs will present their meal to the adults by describing the following attributes of their meal which the meal will be judged by:

  • Planning and preparation for the food prior to the hike
  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional values including calories pers serving
  • Taste (scouts should be willing to eat what they prepared, and offer a sample to the judges)
  • Suitability as a backcountry meal (scouts should indicate the season this meal is intended for)
  • Leave no trace

Bonus points:

  • Minimalist packaging for item purchased, and minimalist packaging consumed for travel.
  • Use of bulk foods


  • Purchasing a packaged meal as the sole ingredient even if it is suitable for backcountry use - No ramen noodles, etc.

2.2 Schedule of Events

General schedule will be as follows:

Sunday, 24 Mar

1200 -- Meet at the Ray School Parking Lot and prepare to summit Balch Hill
1215 -- Depart for Balch Hill
1245 -- Arrive at the summit
1255 -- Review the rules and begin the contest, scouts buddies should present their meals as they are ready.
1400 -- Awards ceremony
1410 -- Clean up and pack up
1420 -- Hike down to the Ray School
1445 -- Pickup

2.3 Expected Conditions and Difficulty

Check the weather and dress appropriately. We will be on top of Balch Hill for about an hour and half.

2.4 Special Requirements

Each buddy pair will need a backcountry stove and know how to use it safely. If a scout is unfamilar with the use of a backcountry stove, he should pair up with a scout that can teach him. Alternatively contact the scoutmaster.

3.0 Administration and Logistics

3.1 Announcement Date: March 13th

3.2 Roster Closing Date: March 22nd


3.3 Costs


3.4 Equipment

3.4.1 Individual Equipment

  • Class B uniform.
  • Backcountry stove, fuel and cooking gear per buddy pair
  • Water for consuming, cooking and cleaning
  • The food
  • Mess kit
  • Compass
  • Suitable backpack or daypack
  • Warm clothes


  • 3.4.2 Patrol Equipment


    3.4.3 Troop Equipment

  • First Aid Kit
  • Map of Balch Hill

    3.5 Transportation Plan

    Drop-off Point: Ray School Parking Lot
    Drop-off Time: 12:00 .
    Pick-up Point: Ray School Parking Lot
    Pick-up Time: 2:45

    4.0 Leadership

    4.1 Planning Committee

  • Jack and Jake
  • Adult owner: Mr. Mendelsohn

    4.2 Adult Leaders

  • SMIC: Mr. Mendelsohn
  • Mr. Passow
  • Mr. Low

    Approved DLM 17Mar13

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