Storrs Pond Campout -- 7-8 June 2014

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1.0 Overview

This will be a fun campout with fun activities in the afternoon such as raft building and then later as usual there will be a lot of manhunt, frisbee etc.

2.0 Concept

2.1 Description

We will meet at Storrs Pond Main Entrance on Saturday at two in the afternoon, and hike the half mile to our campsite at the end of the pond. We will make camp at our site, and engage in fun activities for the day. Sunday morning will be a quick pack and go. .

2.2 Schedule of Events

Saturday, 7 Jun 14
1400 -- Meet at Storrs Pond main entrance parking area. check gear
1420 -- Hike into our camping area
1450 – Set up camp
1520 – Raft building
1700 – Prepare and eat dinner
1800 – Big man Frisbee
1900 -- Manhunt
2145 -- Bed prep
2200 -- Lights out

Sunday, 8 Jun 14
0700 -- Awake
0730 -- Breakfast
0815 -- Break camp, patrol campsite
0900 -- Depart camp.
0930 -- Pick-up at Main Entrance Parking Area.

2.3 Expected Conditions and Difficulty

The hike in to camp is easy on wide trails, but be properly equipped and packed for a hiking approach. There will also be physical activity during the events.

Be prepared for the forecast weather. This is a 100% uniformed event. Class A uniform is required for travel and for flags; class B otherwise.

The campsite is an established site.

2.4 Special Requirements

Open to all scouts, scouters, and parents.

There are no skills prerequisites for this outing.

3.0 Administration and Logistics

3.1 Announcement Date: 1 May 14

3.2 Roster Closing Date: 5 Jun 14

3.3 Costs

$10 for patrol food per person.

3.4 Food

Although this outing is intended as training for wilderness travel, we will nevertheless be cooking by patrol.

3.5 Equipment

3.5.1 Individual Equipment

  • Class A uniform for travel and flags; Class B otherwise.
  • Overnight gear as described in the Personal Equipment handout.
  • Pocket Knife (in your pack, not your pocket)
  • Bring at least 2 liters of water per person. There is no potable water at the campsite. (But there is water not too far away.)
  • Personal cooking gear (cup and spoon), or whatever is needed for the planned menu.
  • Swim Wear (we will be making rafts and floating them in the pond)
  • A can of soup (non-dairy)

    We will into buddy groups of two or three each. Each buddy group should share a tent.

    3.5.2 Patrol Equipment

  • Patrol Flag.
  • Patrol cooking equipment

    3.5.3 Troop Equipment

  • Flag kit.
  • First aid kit
  • Twine
  • Wood saw

    3.6 Transportation Plan

    Drop-off Point: Storrs Pond Main Entrance
    Drop-off Time:1400 Saturday
    Pick-up Point: Storrs Pond Main Entrance
    Pick-up Time: 0930 Sunday

    4.0 Leadership

    4.1 Planning Committee

  • Glen

    4.2 Adult Leaders

  • SMIC: Mr. Passow
  • Mr. Low
  • Mr. Mendelsohn
  • Mr. Perron

    Approved DLM 5Jun14

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