Troop 45 Annual Program Plan

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Month Theme Outing Other
MAR Prep for New Scouts Scout Ski Day PN 21
APR Camporee Prep Camporee Crossover
MAY Service Campo 5-6
Greenup Day
Muster Day
JUN Swimming
TF Skills Camp Elections
PN 20
JUL New Sports Camp Bell Independence Day
AUG Water Sports
Big Canoe Trip 11-12
SEP Nature
50-Mile Bike Hike TLT
OCT Climbing Black Mountain with technical climbing
PN 17
NOV Wilderness Survival Survival Bivouac SFF
DEC Winter Backcountry Travel Winter Shakedown Toys for Tots
JAN Klondike Skills Prep Klondike Derby
FEB Ice Climbing Snow Sports Overnight Trip  
Adopted by the Annual Program Planning Conference 3Jun12. Approved YJB.


  • Monthly Overnight Outing.
  • Monthly Theme for Troop Meeting focus.
  • Details and schedule modifications to be determined by the PLC.

    MAR....... Scout Ski Day is a day of free skiing for Scouts sponsored by the Dartmouth Skiway.

    APR....... The Spring Camporee is an annual event sponsored by the district. Since it involves skill competitions, we must prepare in advance.

    MAY....... The Spring Camporee will be held at the Lempster Wind Farm.

    The bike trip is a day of mountain biking at Storrs Pond.

    JUN.......Tenderfoot Skills Camp is a campout held at Storrs Pond for the purpose of New Scout indoctrination and Tenderfoot skills development.

    JUL ....... "New Sports" means sports that are either not common on America or not played frequenlty. Examples include Cricket, Rugby, and Wiffle Ball. Activities should support Sports MB.

    AUG....... The Big Canoe Trip is the major outing for the summer. It will be an expedition down the Magalloway, through Ubagog Lake, and down the Androscoggin.

    SEP.......The bike hike is a long overnight road trip.

    OCT....... Black Mountain offers some technical rock.

    JOTA is the Jamoboree on the Air a ham radio event in which we establish a ham radio station in a remote location and communicate with other Scouts around the country and even the world by amateur radio.

    NOV....... SFF is Scouting for Food, the BSA National Good Turn. It is held on the first two Saturday mornings in November.

    The Survival Bivouac is an overnight exercise in off-trail navigation, lost procedures, night travel, and short-term survival techniques, usually held on Moose Mountain.

    DEC....... The Winter Shakedown is an easy winter trip intended to orient the inexperienced to the rigors of winter camping, and to allow the experienced to improve their skills.

    Toys for Tots is a toy drive conducted by the Marine Corps Reserve.

    JAN ....... The Backcountry Ski Trip is a winter backcountry trip on skis or snowshoes. This outing has been held in the past on Moose Mt and Moosilauke.

    The Klondike Derby is a district-wide event conducted by the OA. It takes the form of a "skill hike" in which each patrol completes the circuit to various skill stations pulling all their equipment in a sled.

    FEB....... The snow sports trip is a ski trip, either to a major ski area like Burke Mountain (if we can get a good deal on lift tickets) or a backcountry ski trip. Or both.

    T45: APP 12-13 Rev 0 3Jun12 YJB